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Liquified Natural Gas Tank (LNG)

Liquified natural gas (LNG) tank is a kind of cryogenic liquid pressure vessel. It is also a kind of vacuum, power insulation vessel. Its inner material is stainless steel, the outer material is carbon steel. Its surface is anticorrosive because of adopting the process of purging, sandblasting, rust cleaning, and painting.

Product Features

1. Vacuum
2. Structure compact
3. Long life
4. Convenient of centralized and spare supplying gas
5. Centralized control
6. Easy operation

Product Parameters

medium LNG
Volume 20m3 30 m3 60m3 100 m3 150 m3 200 m3
Max working pressure 1.6MPa
evaporation rate 0.200%/d~0.500%/d
Insulation Vacuum powder insulation
Paint thickness 250μm
The vacuum before shipping ≤1pa
Filling rate 0.95

Application and After-Sales Service

LNG tank is applied in a natural gas station, chemical industry, and so on, after-sales, we will provide technical support at random, training on free. We will also provide cheap and good-quality spare parts.

LNG tank is a kind of special equipment, our company makes it according to strict index. During the course of manufacturing, flaw detection, gas, and water test are done. LNG tank must be put far from a fire, and be inspected and maintained regularly.


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